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We represent the children, adults, citizens of this region, of this republic:

  • We are taxpayers and contributors to the national exchequer.
  • We demand equal rights to healthcare access as is afforded to every other region of this country.
  • We are standing up for our rights to equal access to basic healthcare, which is afforded to the rest of the country.

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Use of Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117 in past days to transfer a heart attack patient

The use of Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117 in past days to transfer a heart attack patient from University Hospital Waterford  to Cork University Hospital yet again demonstrates the need for a 24/7 Cardiac service in the South East region. The transfer times alone are far in excess of the clinical standard given the need for aircraft re-tasking and the requirement to access non hospital campus landing sites due to the aircraft size – this contributes to excessive treatment delay and sub optimal health outcomes. The contracted Coast Guard helicopter service (5 Sikorsky S-92’s) costs the state 68 million euro […]

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Why the people of the southeast are being put at risk

The Cardiac Cath Lab at University Hospital Waterford (UHW) serves over 500,000 people across the southeast but only operates Monday – Friday, 9 – 5pm. All other regions in the country have 24/7 cardiac cover and Cath Lab access. Patients in the southeast who suffer heart attacks after 5pm cannot access a Cath Lab in UHW or anywhere else within the 90 minute recommended window.

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HSFSE – ‘Health Equality for the South East’ Needs Help

We are asking you to support:

  • Our right to receive equitable healthcare.
  • Our right to receive full regional health services at UHW.
  • Our right to timely treatment for citizens suffering a heart attack in the southeast.
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For anyone who missed it last week David Cullinane TD and the News & Star newspaper published redacted information on the Herity report gained under an FOI request. The main upshot is that NIall Herity the Belfast reviewer (who was reported to be in talks with the HSE in relation to the cross border sharing of Paediatric services for Belfast Trust where he was clinical director) chose to completely disregard the information given to him by the head researcher of the Acute Coronary Syndrome Programme which oversees cardiac activity in the country. This research categorically outlined that the South East population has the highest requirement nationally for 4 key interventional activities required to be done in a Cardiac Cath Lab including both elective and emergency stenting. It also stated that 2/3rds of these procedures are presently being done outside the region due to constrained capacity at the Waterford centre. In addition the Dept of Health directed Herity to base his findings on a Waterford population cohort and not the population of the south east region who rely on the service at Waterford. This report is a turkey and any further discussion around it should be shelved. Government must now be made to fullfill their promise of a regional review of the South East service forthwith. Governments and the Health Minister's holding of the Herity report as having any basis in fact is akin to promoting the existence of the Yeti! South East Oireachtas members must now press immediately in light of this new evidence for the promised regional review of the South East service given by both Taoiseach Varadkar and Minister Harris in 2017 to be conducted at the cessation of the mobile lab contract which finishes February 15th - Anything less from our regional representatives in coming weeks on this issue is a fudge, is not representing the needs or rights of South East citizens and is allowing this malign department to continue to discriminate against this region and its population. #gaa #finegael #fiannafail #wlrfm #kclrfm Breda Gardner #tippfm #southeastradio #sepag ... See MoreSee Less

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A facebook post by David Cullinane TD on his ongoing receipt of FOI material detailing some of the malignant Dept of Health activity undermining the case for south east cardiac care - - - - -- - From David Culliane - I have received additional documentation sought under an FOI on cardiac care in the South East. The documentation relates to submissions made to Prof Herity in the preparation of his report.

The un-redacted documents show that Professor Herity cherrypicked data and ignored the regional need for a second Cath Lab and 24/7 PPCI at University Hospital Waterford.

Data contained in a confidential report submitted to Prof Herity show that the volume of cardiac procedures for the residents of the South East region exceeds the national average for the state for all four modalities of cardiac care.

The data also reveals that two thirds of all PPCI (emergency cardiac procedures) for patients in the South East are carried out in Cork and Dublin. Only one-third of emergencies are treated in the regional hospital namely UHW.

Separate documents from the Department of Health ignore the regional need and regional data and advocate that the Cath Lab population be based on the population of Waterford and its environs and not the population of the South East.

Read more from Darren Skelton in the Waterford News & Star tomorrow.
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Catheterisation Labs (cath labs) are facilities in which these services are delivered

  • Diagnostic coronary angiograms
  • Percutaneous coronary interventions (stents)
  • Pacemaker implants
  • Defibrillator implants
  • Loop Recorder & Pacemaker Interrogation
  • Balloon valvuloplasty for narrowed heart valves
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